NEUTRAL by ripcache
Curated by
Charlotte Eytan
No ongoing exhibitions
Number of particles64
Particles for sale1
Scratch8 votes/Not Scratch56 votes
Scratch statusNOT SCRATCH(with 87% of the votes)
You have time to vote until Jan 24th 2025, when the voting results may trigger the scratching event. Learn more
Floor price
What you get
  • One particle NFT of Ripcache’s Neutral – representing:
    • Complete ownership in the physical work, and the digital, if scratched.
    • Governance over scratching to unlock the digital.
    • Governance over whether to sell the underlying artwork. Both the physical and the digital, if scratched.
  • One heavy duty metal scratch card. This can be used to scratch off a part of the artwork and reveal the private key to the digital piece, following a successful vote to scratch, at a yet-to-be-determined event.
  • One high quality published booklet featuring artwork images, an exclusive interview, and a curatorial essay about ripcache and neutral by traditional art world experts.
Artwork mechanics
Ripcache’s Neutral requires its collector(s) to make a decision: whether to scratch away the physical artwork in the area that contains the Ethereum private key, and unlock access to the digital artwork.
  • Votes are counted on a per particle basis. One particle, one vote.
  • Votes are indicative of intent, but only trigger the scratch after a 12 month period, as per the artists’ request.
  • There is no deadline for a vote to scratch.
  • A minimum quorum of 50%, and a majority of 51% triggers the scratching event.
  • All particle collectors are invited to participate in the scratching event (with your metal scratch cards).
  • Once unlocked, the digital version of Neutral will be sent to the Particle Foundations wallet for custody. All collectors will be airdropped a particle representing ownership in the digital artwork, therefore owning two particles: one for the physical artwork and one for the digital.
About the Artist
ripcache is an anonymous artist who took the web3 art world by storm when he entered the scene in 2021. He soon became one of the most sought-after digital artists, with works sold at Christie’s, collaborations with Avant Arte, and pieces held in some of the most important collections, including XCOPY, Erick Calderon (SnowFro), and Cozomo de’ Medici. ripcache fully embodies what it means to be a web3 artist: from his name, to his process, and his subject matter. The name ripcache, meaning ‘raster image processor cache’, references the tool that converts a digital image into 1s and 0s used by a printer to create a physical copy. The cache stores data on a device for faster retrieval. The pseudonym concept, a nod to XCOPY, reiterates the artist’s fascination with privacy, showing the artist’s full commitment to his practice.
About the Work
ripcache’s neutral from the public//private series explores permanence. It comprises two components: a 2x2ft black, white, and neon green screen print on a metal panel and a corresponding digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain. The artwork comments on surveillance and data privacy. The physical and digital pieces are identical. ripcache has minted the digital artwork and transferred it to a wallet who’s private key’s only record is behind the physical artwork.To access the digital artwork, one must first purchase the physical piece, maintaining the interconnectedness between the digital and physical artworks. However, a choice arises for the collector. The collector must decide whether to scratch away the physical artwork in the area that contains the Ethereum private key. This scratching irreversibly separates the physical artwork from the digital. Does the value of the artwork lie in the physical or the digital artwork, or both? How will that decision change when 64 co-owners get to vote on the outcome?
Artwork details
Period & MovementContemporary Art
Size61 x 61 cm
MediumInk, Metal
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Particle details
Contract AddressToken StandardBlockchain
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